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so happy that WFMAD is back.

Today's prompt: Write down the last dream you had. Was it boring? Then write down the last memorable dream you had. Can't remember your dreams? Then write down the last memorable dream that you heard about. Focus on feeling the emotional state of the dream. When you reach the end of the decription, keep writing, Make the dream come alive for fifteen minutes.

Oh wow. The last dream I had was about someone showing up at my house and doing something unpredictable.

WFMAD starts now!

He showed up out of the blue, as if from out of thin air. The surprise was ironically welcome from me because I had been having doubts at the time. A certain sweatshirt was worn, and I was in my pajamas, alone in my house. So many of those things feel like they should be right where they were that morning. The things he said, though, were unexpected. he promised change, and whenI doubted him he kissed me, the kiss exploding and presenting fireworks in front of us. This change was also welcome because I want it. I mean, so many things went wrong and I can't explain them to him because he wouldn't understand. He promised no yelling, no arguing, for compromising and love. Everything would change.
Then I awoke. My day started off horribly because I woke up to find he wasn't there.
Tags: love, sorry

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