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I still thank goodness for WFMAD. 2 in a row.

Today's prompt: Last night my husband made me an incredible dinner; the kind of meal that you make for someone you're dating when you are ready for the relationship to go to the next level. (Is there anything as nice as being courted by your spouse? I don't think so.)
Write about preparing that kind of meal. It can be from your POV or that of a character. It could be the meal you'd like your beloved to make for you. Focus on taste and smell and making your reader very, very hungry.

   My favorite meal will hopefully take place after I am married. We will have been happily married for a few year and never happier with each other. I will cook my husband his favorite meal, hopefully breakfast-for-dinner. He won't be expecting it, so I will be preparing it carefully. 
   As he walks in the door clad in a button down shirt, slacks, and a tie, I will take his bag from him and also his jacket. He'll say, "what did you cook?" and I will simply reply, "a little bit of a surprise". He will smell garlic and onions that i cooked with the home fries, the corned beef hash, the fluffiness of the scrambled eggs, and the gentle burn of english muffins toasted to perfection. In his eyes I will see appreciation as he sits down and we say grace.
   The meal then begins with him telling me about his day and once he is finished, I will tell him I love him and that's why I cooked this meal for him. It will be a gift for me to see that loving expression that he offers. He will want to do the dishes afterward, and I will tell him not to because he had a long day at work. After I start the dishes, he will come up behind me in mid-wash and he will wrap his arms around me, spin me around, look into my eyes, and tell me that he appreciates every little bit of me. I will ask, "every single bit of me?", and he will reply yes, kissing my neck and then my lips as the plate is thrown onto the kitchen counter and I am gently whisked away.
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