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Dream Writing Space

Today's prompt: Describe your writing space. Focus on the smallest details possible, not the big ones. Don't say there is a chair in the room; give details about the wear patterns of the rug under the chair, or the paint chips, or the dog hair in the cushion. Go small to tell big.

If you don't have a writing space yet, describe your dream space.

My dream space...

It consists of nothing but wear and tear. the keyboard is worn down on the e and s keys. I think I use those the most. Then there is the orange fuzzy carpeting that I will have had made especially for my writing room. There will be an orb chair that is perfectly round but perfectly fits my body and all its creativity. the door will be covered with calendars on the inside, and on the outside will be warnings: "do not enter", "cuidado!", or "beware of writer". The walls are covered in my own stuff and my desk that should be used for expressing my creativity is instead clad with post-its and paper napkins where I write random thoughts. My guitar sits alone, used for its melodic quality when, at times, I feel a song coming. When a story tramples up from the piles of thoughts in my brain, I create a masterpiece.
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