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Ok, so let's talk about how I'm now 19 and 11.5 months. I am in college at Daemen College in Buffalo, New York, and last year was an interesting and kind of negative transitioning experience into college, especially with roommate issues and things. And I'm sitting in the library just about hungover. However it may seem, my life is not in shambles, my friends. Last night was the first bad decision I made this year! So I applaud myself in regards to experiencing new things, but I do have to say that many great things are happening in my life:

So-called "New Boy" from around graduation is still around! We have been dating for two years on December 15th. 
I am studying abroad in Mexico City for a semester next semester (four months) as a sophomore!
I am an RA in the freshman dorms, and I love my residents!
I have reestablished my relationship with God!
I am booked solid with homework! 
My birthday's in 3 weeks!
I have a resumé!

All of these things are great :) I'm super happy and I try to be as optimistic as possible. I find that after getting back into my faith and going to church every Sunday, I am less stressed and more positive about everything. I am so grateful for everything I am and have, and believe me when I say I am blessed to have all the people in my life that are here. I hope to pick up this blog again! 

Also, I have to learn how to change the language of the LiveJournal page to English...why is is in Spanish? Granted I understand almost every word on the page, I would just prefer to make it a little easier on myself. 

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