Nicole DeLiberis (nikkidee91) wrote,
Nicole DeLiberis

And we've got a boredom post, people.

I am welcoming myself back with a silly survey.

1. Tell me about your ex.
Well, he was interesting. I told him I loved him but later realized it meant nothing. I had no idea what love was, and I was a junior in high school. He was allergic to practically everything, and our relationship never felt right to me. 

2. Drunken storytime.
The one time I had a little too much and went to go visit some of my friends, who thought it was hilarious. I prefer not to participate in this type of activities.

3. A secret you haven't told many people.
A little after homecoming senior year, I was sexually assaulted and never disclosed that information to anyone until this year at school. 

4. A fact about the last person you kissed.
He is covered in freckles and is super cute :)

5. Favorite TV Show
One Tree Hill.

6. You last received text
Andy is excited you're coming lol

7. What last made you laugh til you cried
Amanda said something hilarious last night

8. List of concerts you've attended
Kely Clarkson, Colbie Caillat/Lifehouse/Goo Goo Dolls, Paramore/The Starting Line/The Almost, Paramore/No Doubt, Jonas Brothers/Demi Lovato, Lady Gaga, Kate Voegele/Andy Grammer/Natasha Bedingfield, Colbie Caillat/Andy Grammer, Kate Voegele/Parachute

finish later

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