June 16th, 2009

Great Book, Sarah Dessen!

A already like it! Along For the Ride, which I bought immediately after school today, is good. I have only read 10 pages but it's great!


It's been a while since I've blogged.

Well, all I can say is that I've had a quite eventful month.


The only reason I happened to bring this up now when it originally occurred two weeks ago was because I just bought Sarah Dessen's newly released novel, Along For The Ride, which reminded me that people do split up. *Hoping that this doesnt happen to me*.

Speaking of which, on a happier note, i have never been happier. EVER. As I am seventeen and a half, I think sometimes about what marriage could be like but I understand that I have no absolute idea whatsoever. I do wonder what it's like to wake up each morning in the arms of your SO, like Haley and Nathan after that marshall law thunderstorm, or like Peyton and Lucas after Honey Grove prom. It would seem nice, and I just hope that some time soon, I get to experience that. Not so much the whole losing your virginity thing (very personal, SORRY) at seventeen and a half, but the whole feeling of waking up and knowing that someone that cares about you is right there, next to you, and waking up beside someone who cares about them, too.

To continue on the whole June tangent, I went to NJ to visit family this past weekend. It was not so eventful as a "vacation", but you get the picture. Seeing family, will travel.

June 23rd is the last day of school. Class Day already happened, making me officially a senior in high school. Hoping to make some wonderful and life-changing but good adjustments in the near future.

June 24th is the night I go with my sisters and awesome uncle to see No Doubt and Paramore @ Mohegan Sun. Going to be great considering Paramore's live sets are phenomenal.

I go back to trabaja after our amazing softball wins in D1 for both JV and Varsity, again both against Cumberland. I work 3 days a week (or have been, I don't know about summer yet). I am hoping to make a lot of money because I need a lot of money for college and I need to go on scholarships, so I'm hoping the money will get me everything I need to live at universidad by June 2010.

I have started planning road trips. I'm talking destinations -- not so much dinero wise considering I do have to work. I'm planning New England because I don't want to travel way too far, and I'm hoping that Prom Date will have the opportunity to travel conmigo if it's considerably close, and maybe we can experience that whole waking-up-next-to-each-other type of feeling. Again, not the *personal* part. Considerations go to: Cape Cod, Mass., Newport, RI, Boston, Mass., Old Orchard Beach, ME (which is a stretch but I'm going for it!), and Martha's Vineyard. Espero que si voy al Maine, I can visit University of Southern Maine as a possibility for universidad.

By the way, I'm not half spanish or anything, I just need to practice hablando for my examen.

Hope that was long enough for you.