November 21st, 2011

Eleven AM.

Listening to Boyce Avenue for the morning; started off with "On My Way" <3 such a precious song! 

In any case, I begin to go to the gym today, and I only have one class because my first was cancelled. I have practically finished packing for Thanksgiving break, and I can't wait because on my way back, I'm picking up my friend in Staten Island instead of driving the straight 8 hours from my house to Buffalo. 

I'm super excited just to see my family, even if it is for two days - and I may go Black Friday shopping for the first time ever. Being an RA has its perks, but it also means that you can't leave until your residents do so first. So, compared to last year, I have a TON less vacation days. Oh well...I love my job too much to care! 

Goals of the day:
-finish the homework I don't want to be bothered with on my two-day vacation.
-vacuum my room
-clean up to make my room appear like an OCD patient lives there
-finish packing
-bring friend to train station
-play guitar
-work out, buddy

One day, I'll post in all Spanish and then I'll die of exhaustion after :P